Amnesia Fem

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Sativa 80% / Indica 20%


THC Content  | 20%
Variety  | Sativa 80% / Indica 20%
Yield  | +/-600gr./m2
Height  | 80-200cm
Flowering Time  | 60-70 days

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Amnesia is the variety of marijuana with Sativa predominance, one of the best known in the world (even among nonusers of cannabis) and one of the most appreciated by best coffeeshops of Holland. This plant is of a very high quality and won several awards including the internationally renowned HTCC 1997, 1998, 1999.

The plant has a medium / large stature. It has large bush shaped vigorous growth, light green thin leaves. Flowering time of about 80 days. Produces very bountiful crops, with large, elongated and resin coated buds. In perfect conditions you can harvest up to 700 grams per plant.

The aroma is very floral and hazey. Amnesia has a short lasting very clear uplifting, social and cerebral effect and is often used for medicinal purposes by people suffering from anxiety, depression, migraines and nausea.


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